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    PBFC will help you determine the best financial route for your company’s growth. Additionally, once a lender is pre-determined per your financial requirements, your PBFC will help you package the transaction in accordance with the Lender’s requirements, so your loan is funded in the fastest and the most efficient manner possible.

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    Patriot Business Finance Consultants offers highly personalized service and will help your company cut through the red tape in the financial lending arena that is often involved in securing business loans from banks and other lending institutions. Having a (PBFC) Consultant on your team of professionals is an essential step of having a positive financial outlook.

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    Phone: (844) 742-1776


    Address: 1562 Dodge Dr. NW Warren, OH 44485

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    Monday — Friday: 9:00am – 5:00pm
    Saturday — Sunday: By Appointment Only

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