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Hello everyone and thank you for visiting our website. My name is Paul Whitehouse and I am one of the owners of Patriot Business Finance Consultants Ltd. I began my career in financing in 1999 at The Pacific Guarantee Mortgage company (Youngstown, Ohio) in the residential and commercial real estate industry where I learned the basics of financing and I was fortunate to have a mentor who taught me that it is important to use critical and creative thinking when structuring deals. It was impressed upon me that even if it looks like there is only one way to get the deal done, there is more than likely three or four different ways to creatively structure it so that our clients can gain more, pay less and have more peace of mind.

Her words and encouragement opened up my mind and forced me to look at every deal with a different perspective, a 360-degree approach. I will always be grateful to her for the patience and the guidance that she gave to me.
In 2001 I attended a training program and was introduced to different forms of financing for businesses and Patriot BFC was formed and operated in a limited capacity. I continued to work in the residential and commercial mortgage industry full time and started to broker equipment lease financing and commercial/investment property financing for business owners. Realizing that this is a niche market compared to the over crowded field of mortgage brokers who provide residential home loans and refinances we decided to operate Patriot BFC full time and provide all forms of business financing to the underserved business community who traditionally relies on banks to finance their equipment, real estate, and other business finance needs. Since making that decision we have greatly expanded and now have 105 lenders on our list who provide all forms of financing for businesses. Equipment lease/purchase financing, Purchase order financing, Factoring, Lines of credit, Commercial/Industrial/Investment property financing and business to consumer financing. As of July, 2020 we are very happy to have entered into a new field of financing with highly experienced partners based in Cleveland, Ohio and we now provide Securities and Exchange Commission Compliant Capital Raising for large projects that are typically not funded by banks or traditional lenders. We continue to grow and we are grateful to all of our clients who work with us. Our pledge to you is that we will always seek the least expensive funding first for your deal and if there is a better option that we do not provide, we will recommend it to you and make you aware of it.
Paul Whitehous

PBFC will help you determine the best financial route for your company’s growth. Additionally, once a lender is pre-determined per your financial requirements, your PBFC will help you package the transaction in accordance with the Lender’s requirements, so your loan is funded in the fastest and the most efficient manner possible

Our Vision is to assist business owners  with  obtaining the least expensive financing for their business and to provide them with transparent information on a wide variety of business financing programs.  We want to be their trusted resource and exclusive source for all of their business financing needs and form a long term relationship that is mutually beneficial.  Our goal is to ensure that our clients always have the best deal structure, least expensive cost of money, and the best term for all of the business financing deals that we secure for their business. 

Integrity, Ethics, Truth, and providing the truth to our clients, even if it is contrary to what they “want to hear”.  Real information is critical in business financing and watering information down to make it easier to hear is not a benefit to a client.  Presenting all information, good or bad, to a client is critical for the best outcome and you can count on Patriot BFC to do that.  Good or bad, Patriot BFC can adjust to the situation and walk our clients towards the best outcome with all forms of business financing.  Working with a foundation of truth makes everything possible and within reach. 

hundreds of funding programs

You save time by having your loan or lease directed to the most appropriate funding source. You are not limited to one funding source. A bank has one program, but Patriot Business Finance Consultants has hundreds of programs available for their clients. By having access to a business finance consultant you have access to hundreds of funding sources across the United States as well as Canada, Australia and the U.K. These funding sources are monitored daily for the best interest rates and terms available to your business. More

Patriot Business Finance Consultants

our financial targets & growth objectives

A line of credit can be one of the most useful financial tools for a small business. Patriot Business Finance Consultants can help you determine if this is the right transaction for your business!

A bank has one program, Patriot Business Finance Consultants has hundreds of programs, available for their clients. By having access to a Business Finance Consultant you have access to hundreds of funding sources across the United States as well as Canada, Australia and the U.K. These funding sources are monitored daily for the best interest rates and terms available to your business.

The first thing you need to know about equipment leasing is that it is 100% financing…

If you see advertisements for lenders offering extremely low rates, don’t be misled…

Often the price of a business loan is stated in terms of an interest rate, points and other fees…

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