Points, interest rates, and bank fees all contribute to the total cost of money borrowed and all of these factors must be monitored in order to make sure that you are paying less instead of more.  At Patriot BFC we take this seriously because it is our objective to make sure that our clients have the best rate, best deal structure, and the lowest cost of money.  We are able to do this because we have access to hundreds of sources of capital (Leasing companies, banks, REIT’s, private money lenders, specialized lenders) and when structuring a deal for your specific lease, loan or project we can compare similar programs offered by competing lenders and see which lender offers the best deal, which = the lowest cost of money for you and your business.  Every dollar saved goes directly to the bottom line and the consultants at Patriot BFC are experts at saving your dollars for you.

The interest rate on a bank loan and the lease factor (another name for interest rate used for equipment leasing) are directly affected by the personal credit score of the borrower, business Paydex score, age of the equipment/collateral, deal structure and other factors such as loan-to-value or time in business.  The interest rate is directly affected by the level of risk that the deal presents and every deal is unique with some deals being riskier than others.  Patriot BFC packages and organizes your deal in a way that addresses any issues that may result in a higher cost of money, chooses the lender that is the best fit for the deal and we get the deal approved offering the best rate available, best deal structure, best term and this results in a lower cost of money for our clients.

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